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The new Chinese style staircase

Spacious living space
Beautiful villa stairs are essential
Both connected to the beautiful view upstairs
Let people enjoy the beauty of the surroundings
Connected to the quiet and cozy downstairs
The beauty around
It has an important connection in the entire space

At the same time, whether it is beautiful or not will also affect the decoration style of the entire villa

Modern Chinese style
Also called New Chinese style
It is the interpretation of the cultural meaning of traditional Chinese style in the current era.
Combining modern and traditional elements
Creating things with traditional charm based on the aesthetic needs of modern people
Let traditional art be appropriately reflected in today's society

"New Chinese" style recovers from chaotic imitation and copy
Gradually grow into a modern design style that represents Chinese culture

Create a new Chinese style home space
In addition to the transition relationship between the building space and the functional area
Even more from furnishings, stairs and traditional Chinese interior furnishings
Sublimation of decoration style
Let more and more new Chinese styles become people's choice of Chinese decoration

new Chinese style
Modern living concept as a traditional Chinese home style
By extracting the essence of traditional home
Reasonable combination and layout with the life symbol process
In the overall home design
Has the traditional charm of Chinese home
And more in line with the living characteristics of modern people
The perfect combination of classic and modern
Tradition and fashion coexist

New Chinese style staircase is a good example
According to personal preference with column, armrest, wood color
Colors are mainly dark and calm
The overall style is grand, solemn and elegant
Reflect the spiritual connotation of the Eastern style

"New Chinese" style is not pure element stacking
But through knowledge of traditional culture
Combining modern and traditional elements
Create traditional objects with modern charm according to the aesthetic needs of modern people
Let the context of traditional arts pass on

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