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LOFT staircase design sharing

When the land is getting more and more expensive, the space is also used to the fullest. If the face of the house is limited, how can comfort and design coexist?

The designer gave the answer - LOFT: aerial loft

No.1 Business LOFT

The black and gray is the eternal color of business, which highlights the rationality and professionalism of business people. When the width of the house is limited, the advantage of length is used to select the furniture that is consistent with the room, and the visual sense of the furniture is used to lengthen the visual area.

The living room and kitchen take up the entire area, so put the bedroom in the air, the spiral staircase slams up, adding a sense of design to the business-style room, the metal railing does not destroy the overall color, but also make the room look clear

No.2 Minimalist LOFT

A high enough living room can create a perfect LOFT, which increases the layering of the space and fully utilizes the floor space.

Although the structure of the triangle reduces the space, it restores the appearance of the attic itself, making the design of the house look more unique. For those who are looking for design, the original loft-style loft is the best choice.

The loft under the minimalist style is dominated by white, and the black is used as a collocation. Bright red and orange are added to brighten it, making it the finishing touch of the overall color.

No.3 Fresh LOFT

Although the use of black and gray tones is not a "cold" feeling, it is mainly due to the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide plenty of light, and the high ceilings make the house look majestic, half-loft design It retains the complete height and adds to the design of the interior. The use of plants in the house is also ingenious. Small potted plants and plant walls make the interior vibrant.

The combination of a triangular structure and a horizontal structure perfectly avoids the drawbacks of a single triangular structure that wastes space. A small and warm overhead bedroom, a large, bright and spacious window, which can be viewed from different heights.


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