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Design requirements for stairs

1. The safety of stair design

The safety performance of the staircase must be considered when designing the staircase, whether it is in domestic applications or on public transportation, this is an issue that must be considered.

The construction must be operated in accordance with the design specifications of the staircase, otherwise it will bring huge hidden dangers.

2. The practicality of stair design

stairs involve multiple dimensions such as steps, steps, platforms, headroom, etc. The designer should reasonably grasp them in accordance with certain standards.

The main function of the staircase is to use it. The design and construction of the staircase must be carried out from the perspective of the user.

For the height and width of the stairs, there are certain standards in the design of the stairs.

Generally, the slope of the stairs ranges from 23 degrees to 45 degrees, and the suitable slope is 30 degrees.

Stairs that are too steep and too wide do not meet ergonomic requirements in use.

3. The beauty of the stairs

Under the premise of safety and practicality of the stairs, the aesthetic effect of the stairs must also be considered. The stairs have a strong decorative effect in the application of home life. This factor must be considered in the design.

If used as a villa staircase, this function of the staircase is extremely important.


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