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How to properly maintain the home wooden stairs

When the wooden stairs are damp, its components are easily deformed, cracked, and the paint will fall off. Metal stairs also have wooden components, and the metal will rust when wet, so the daily cleaning of the stairs can not be scrubbed with a large amount of water, we could spray on the surface with a cleaning agent and then wipe with a soft cloth.

1. After the stairs are installed, check the overall installation status. The stairs can be used after installed in local code standard.

2. When cleaning the steel stair, please wipe it with a dry soft cloth. Do not rinse with water.

3. When cleaning the stairs, please use a vacuum cleaner or a wrung rag to remove dust. Do not rinse with water.

4. If water is accidentally spilled on the stairs, it should be dried in time.

5. If there are special stains on the step, please wipe it with gentle neutral cleaning and warm water. Do not use steel balls, acid and alkali to clean.

6, Do not sand the stairs surface with sandpaper.

7. When moving articles upstairs, take care to prevent the surface of the hardware from scratching the surface of the stairs.

8. It is recommended to put a foot pad on the stairway to reduce the abrasion of the sand.

9, the method of removing stains on the surface of the stairs:

A, asphalt, rubber, petroleum, chocolate, shoe polish, etc., can be cleaned with gasoline, white wine or the same solvent.

B, chalk, crayons, and lipsticks can be cleaned with alcohol.

C, wax, chewing gum, we can put a piece of plastic film on the stain, and then carefully scrape off

Regardless of wooden stairs or steel stairs, wrought iron stairs, etc., pay attention to moisture, fire and impact during use.

The parts that are often in contact with people, such as the handrails of the treads, have a shorter life span than other components, so they should be regularly protected with special wax or floor wax. In addition, although the paint surface on some tread plates is a light-curing wear-resistant paint, the wear resistance is relatively speaking, and it has a certain service life in itself. In order to avoid local severe wear after the wooden tread plate has been used for a period of time, a carpet can be laid on the center of the stairway corridor. The brightness is chosen by the owner himself or by a professional designer. This not only protects the stairs, but also somehow embellishes the entire space.

Always check the joints of the parts to prevent loosening or worming. Because the stairs have been installed, although the engineers have connected them tightly, each component is undergoing subtle physical changes as the temperature and humidity constantly change. Wooden stairs or components made of metal or other materials are often damaged by collapse, abrasion, insects or fungi, which can be repaired by professionals. But more important is the maintenance of the previous period. Proper maintenance can greatly extend the service life of the stairs.

If it is inadvertently soaked in water, it should be dried as soon as possible after discovery and allowed to dry naturally. It is strictly forbidden to use electric heater to dry or expose to sunlight.

Prolonged exposure to strong sunlight, or rapid rise and fall of temperature in the room may cause premature aging of the tread paint surface, and should be avoided as much as possible.


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